Web Design

We design beautiful websites

Web Design

Estar offers an intelligent WordPress website design and development formula for your business.

We work closely with you to tailor your website into an online marketing machine.

Our goal is to insure your site matches your corporate identity in the most attractive way possible. We are very comfortable working with anyone be it copywriters, graphic designers and most importantly you.

Having a site designed by Estar is a journey of discovery into the world of online marketing.

We are framework specialists providing high end WordPress websites that will be easy to manage by the end user and 100% ready for targeted advertising.

The key to our success is dependent on quite a few factors.

  • More than 13 years experience designing websites.
  • Using quality components that stay supported.
  • Establishing long lasting partnerships
  • Always getting the job done!
The Process

  • Discuss Requirements
  • Research Requirement
  • Quotation
  • Pay Deposit
  • Get Started

Resources check

  • Secure Domain
  • Secure Hosting
  • Assist with emails
  • Set up development subdomain
  • Start WordPress Development


  • Collect all content and media
  • Strategically customize theme
  • Fine tune theme with client
  • Do revision
  • Optimize website


  • Final client inspection
  • We do final inspection
  • Request sign-off
  • Get paid
  • Launch site

WordPress Web Design!

WordPress allow us to develop very attractive, clean and functional websites relatively fast. The less time a project takes the less it costs, simple really.

We choose WordPress simply because of its magnitude of extensions and themes that are readily available.

Our level of expertise (since 2007) allow us to customize WordPress to exactly what you will require.

Why is WordPress the best choice for a website?

It ranks brilliantly in Google!

If you want a high ranking website in search engines, there is simply no match for a WordPress website.

It allows for real time meta info advice when adding content by users, thus guiding you to optimize your own pages like a pro.

For the developer we can optimize the site with a multitude of plugins to conform to Google’s requirements.

WordPress generates trimmed, optimized and super clean html5 markup code. For this reason websites can load quicker and search engine bots knows exactly what is important on your pages for indexing.

Awesome functionaly

WordPress has literally thousands of well maintained plugin extensions. Therefore we can provide you with almost any specific functionality you might require.

While a lot of these extensions are free, the more customized plugins for special functionality requirements usually are not, these are called commercial extensions. Some of these plugins may require annual licensing to keep in touch with the ever changing server side technology and insuring your website always has all the security releases and updates up to date. Using commercial extensions works out dramatically cheaper than having custom extensions built from scratch and reduce development cost by literally tens of thousands of rands. We always factor paid extensions costs into your quote unless there are scope changes or additional requirements from you during the development process. In those cases we will provide additional quotation for that.

WordPress itself is FREE

WordPress is a freely available publishing software for web developers and anyone to use.

This valuable resource sets a awesome platform for designing websites with a common framework. This allows your website to be serviceable by almost any person with knowledge in HTML, PHP and web architecture skills.

WordPress development requires a professional developer to provide you with a beautiful website that will be easy to useĀ  when completed.

Excellent user experience

WordPress is a super easy user friendly content management system initially developed purely for blogging.

It has evolved into the perfect solution for almost any website world wide.

With about 400 million installs across the globe, its hard to argue its value.

Ease of management

Management of elements in your website is made easy by the use of Gutenberg and Visual Builder page composers.

The back-end is mobile friendly so you can manage your website from almost any smart device, making it totally accessible to you.

You are also capable of easily updating your WordPress installation and plugins from the back-end.