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What is Google Adwords?

Also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), Google Adwords is the service Google offers you to bid for position in search results & Google AdSense placements. This service allows your website to be placed at the top of the search above organically placed websites. Subsequently making your listing a sponsored link.

Google AdWords is the ideal solution to get targeted direct clicks or conversions to your website.

Why choose us to manage your adwords?

Google Adwords marketing can be a tricky thing to setup and manage, if done incorrectly it can swallow up your cash, fast! We have setup countless campaigns and know how to do it effectively. We handle everything for you, you just sit back and see the work roll in or your sales increase.

Google Adwords generates new leads on a daily basis via a pay per click, the business it generates will be permanent if your service offering is good and the web experience was pleasant.

There is no better way to compete with your competitors for Top Spot than Google Ads.

Our Google Ads Packages

  • Google Ads Starter

  • R3500P/M
  • R2000 once off setup fee.

    Campaign creation + 1 ad group of 3 ads per campaign

    30 keywords per ad group

    1 display ad

    1 responsive

    1 call to action

    5 site link extensions

    5 structured links for products

    campaign monitoring

    100% campaign score

  • Booster Plan

  • R7000P/M
  • R2000 once off setup fee, free for upgrade.

    campaign creation + 2 ad group of 3 ads per campaign

    30 keywords per ad group

    1 text display ad

    1 display network ad

    1 responsive ad

    1 call to action

    1 call out extension

    5 site – link extensions

    10 structured links

  • Multi Domain

  • R10500P/M
  • R3000 once off setup fee, free for upgrade.

    campaign creation + 3 ad groups of 3 ads per campaign

    3 domains (if you have 3 websites)

    30 keywords per ad group

    3 text display ad

    3 responsive ad

    1 call to action

    1 call out extension

    5 site-link extensions

    21 Structured links

  • Custom

  • Custom consultation.

    We analyze your website and your requirements and quote accordingly.

Reasons to consider Google Ads Marketing

  1. You need traffic urgently to your website.
  2. If your industry is saturated with competition.
  3. If you are not on the first page of the search engines organically.
  4. A newly developed site could take months to rank highly, sometimes even years, this will create instant exposure.
  5. If you are in a hurry to get clients to your door or to you checkout button?
  6. You might even be wasting money on redundant marketing such as Yellow Pages listings or paid listings that does not insure you get the phone call at all. Switching to Adwords is a far more lucrative investment.
  7. Adwords should be a part of any reputable companies marketing arsenal, the return on investment makes it a no brainer.

* Please note websites that that are flagged for any keyword related reason by Google’s standards will not be able marketed by us, for example, smoking products, sex or any dark web activity.

If your website is flagged for malicious software we can quote separately to fix it first.