Website Repairs

We fix broken or hacked websites

Are you looking for a web design company that can assist you with fixing your busted website?

Our expertise with WordPress, Joomla and PHP, makes us a highly qualified company to repair any broken or hacked websites in very quickly.

We fix hacked or broken websites

Things that usually brake websites:

Poor Website Maintenance

If a CMS (Content Management System) is not maintained it can create vulnerabilities and make a website insecure. Hackers then have the ability to upload scripts that destroy files by hacking your website files with their crawler bots.

Server Upgrades

PHP or MySql server software eventually becomes to advanced for the old websites to process, causing functionalities to disappear and even very bad cases, completely brakes websites.

No System Security Implementation

Websites that are not secured correctly by the developer will become vulnerable to virus and/or malicious attacks. Not enough time is allocated to this very important point of the actual web development, making sure firewalls is installed and properly configured.

Inferior Hosting Solutions

Cheap hosting solutions that utilize shared server environments can be very vulnerable, this due. sometimes these servers are not well maintained by a qualified server admin.makes website files vulnerable.

User Error

Weak Passwords can make it easy for bots to decipher your credentials and gain access and compromise your site.

In conclusion

If your website stopped working, we will get it back up and running! We will inspect it and provide you a competitive quote for the fix.