Why choose Estar’s Web Hosting?

Why choose Estar’s Web Hosting?

Increased memory (RAM)

We offer more RAM than standard Xneelo web hosting packages, a lot more, normal shared server hosting packages offer only 128mb per site, we offer up to 512mb per site. RAM allows you to add more plugins and increase user scalability incredibly. For instance you can have multiple admins working at the same time with hundreds of site visitors transacting at the same time, and incur no memory overload issues. Cheap hosting package can not cope with such demand.

Geo location of server

Our server is located in South Africa, meaning support is much faster, and can be done via telephone.

This also means your site is much faster due to lower server response time due to distance.

Hosting reliability

In 2019 a main internet cable supplying South Africa broke, all websites hosted internationally went down, included their emails. Can you imagine not getting emails for 3 weeks?

Server environment designed for you website

Our web hosting solutions are targeted at the clients we serve mainly, so we are able to build your website knowing we on the best server available, that we can access on your behalf and offer you support faster when required.

Building a website on a server we provide will reduce development time and cost. Cheap shared hosting solutions can cost you more in the end by loosing clients because sites are to slow. We offer server security and software offerings that are always the latest available and up to date.

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