WordPress Plugin Development

If there is any additional functionality you might need for your WordPress website, then you have to look no further.

We can develop custom coded plugins for WordPress websites.

We offer full the perfect solution to your needs thanks to our top of the line full stack php coding abilities.

Custom WordPress Plugin Design and Development Cape Town

Developing plugins in-house is the difference between web designers and web developers. We do not rely solely on third party plugins, not all plugins can give you the exact functionality you may require.

Web designers might choose to adapt plugins, but these plugins then become un-updatable and could cause your website to break become vulnerable to threats over time.

Having a plugin developed specifically for your needs is the correct long term solution.

We can also repair broken plugins or can code any PHP functionalities from scratch.

Example of a custom plugin we developed

Client: Frank Holland Associates
Brief: Calculators

We were employed to design a WordPress back end management tool for our client to control. The purpose of this tool is to calculate Bond and Transfer rates.


This client can easily edit all the variables that are ever changing in their industry to self-manage their calculators. This allows clients such as estate agents to quickly determine these costs for potential home owners.

Custom Wordpress Plugin Calculator

Custom Wordpress Plugin Calculator

If there is any functionality you come across and you like it, we can build it.

We work closely with you to get the requirement 100% before the building begins, this way insuring your plugin will work exactly as intended at the launch of your site.