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Generate leads to your business from day one!

Estar will manage your Google Adwords Campaigns to insure targeted traffic directly to your website as well as optimizing your investment return whn buying click traffic to your website.

Reasons to consider PPC:

  1. A newly developed site could take months to rank highly, sometimes even years if you are not creating fresh content, regularly.
  2. Sometimes your niche does not allow for writing fresh content and you simply have no choice
  3. Or you are in a hurry to get clients to your door or to you checkout button?
  4. You might even be wasting money on things like Yellow Pages listings that does not insure you get the phone call at all.
  5. You might be loosing massive business opportunities because your website is not at the top of page one of Google.

Running a Google Adwords Campaign can be a tricky thing to do and if done incorrectly. You could quickly deplete your budget with useless traffic, but if managed correctly you can monetize your website very quickly and efficiently.

Build lasting business relationship via business leads that Google Adwords will send you.

We highly advise to give it a go for a few months especially if you just had a brand spanking new website designed and want to avoid that empty feeling of seeing no traffic after the first month.

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